Examination Subjects Political Science

Examination Subjects Political Science
1. The object and the political science.
2. Political science as a social phenomenon.
3. Political power.
4. The political system
5. The state - the main institution of the political system
6. Political parties
7. Political elite
8. . Political leadership
9. Social groups and politics
10. Mass-media and politics
11. Religion and politics
12. Political conflicts
13. Political culture
14. Political doctrines of the modern society.
15. Electoral systems
16. The elite as political actor(subject).
17. The necessity and essence of political elite.
18. Theory of elite - V. Pareto, G. Mosca, R. Mihels.
19. The mechanism of formation of the elite.
20. The functions of the elite.
21. Bureaucracy apparatus.
22. Political class as universal phenomenon.
23. The political elite from Moldova.
24. The origins of leadership.
25. The social and political varieties of the leadership.
26. The theories about the genesis of political leadership.
27. The legal status of leader.
28. The personal qualities of the leader.
29. The leader as the actor of the political relations.
30. The functions of the leader. The authority of the leader.
31. Cult of personality.
32. The leader as the object of political relations.
33. Typology of the leaders.
34. Political leadership in Moldova.
35. Social stratification. Political behaviour of the social groups.
36. Political institutions and social groups.
37. Social communities as subjects(actors) and objects of politics.
38. Intellectuals and politics. The non-governmental organizations and politics.
39. Mass-media: conceptual approach.
40. The development of the means of political communication.
41. The role of mass-media within political system.
42. The structure of mass-media.
43. Methods of receiving the information.
44. Mass-media and political power.
45. The control of the activity of mass-media.
46. Political influence of the mass-media.
47. The role of mass-media in the investigation of public opinion during election campaigns.
48. The functions of mass-media.
Andrei Curararu LLM, lectureur

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