I'm a male

I'm a male. I'm not supposed to be hurting. 

I have to be tough. There is much more violence in my life, 'cause I'm a male.

I need to affirm myself among my peers or I'll be considered a loser and you won't date me. 

I have to provide for my family. In this part of Europe, I have to do it mostly alone. 

If I lose my job, what kind of male am I?

I have to have a ripped body, nice clothes, be smart, funny and considerate. 

I have to give you fancy gifts, because I am a male.

If I get a divorce, I am not allowed to keep my children in 90% of the cases.

I have to start my sex life as early as possible, in fact, I lie about the age when I started it.

I am not supposed to need affection or support because that makes me look weak.

I have to brag about my many conquests, "because boys will be boys".

I am responsible for our break up 90% of the time.

I am a male, science says it's harder for me to control my impulses.

I am a male, for most of my life, I have an irrationally and self-destructively high desire for sex. 

I am a male, I am psychologically compelled to make money and throw it away in public.

I am a male, I don’t really get any support dealing with my problems.

I am gonna live 5 to 10 years less than you.

It’s hard being both genders. Thinking otherwise just makes you sexist.


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