The National Wine Day has been banned to Orheiul Vechi and it's actually great!

This article is in English because I want to reach all the people who plan to visit Moldova and enjoy our exquisite wines. It's pretty long, as I am really excited, but if you don't have the time for it, just scroll down for the summary.
Moldova is a cheap wine and good food heaven, no really, believe me on it!
The National Wine Day has always been a kind of Bacchanalia (in the good sense of this word, if it has any) that would take place in the center of Chisinau and would reunite all of the wine producers and provide some kind of a tasting marathon to the local and foreign wine lovers. 

This had its' upside, as you could comfortably taste virtually all of the wines of Moldova, without too much of a hustle and to go home by public transport or taxi (as we all are responsible drinkers), but, also, a lot of downsides.
It would make the center of the capital full of drunkards and mostly impracticable to access, unless you would have come really early. The wineries would spend a lot of money on their improvised stands and still be pretty much similar (stands with grapes, barrels and traditional elements). The tourists would see only the center of Chisinau, which is charming and all, but is not more than a half day interest for them, as the old city is small and the museums not that many.
Due to the protests that take place in the center, this year the National Wine Day took another form, each major winery organized their own festivities and the small winemakers went to the Old Orhei area to have a common celebration as they do not have the infrastructure to do it in the wineries. I think that this is terrific because:
1. You get to choose. This year you could go to Cricova, Milestii Mici, the Mimi Castle etc. And that is miraculous for building a relationship with the winery. Whether you want it or not, you would become a loyal fan of a couple of wines that you would prefer if you're a wine aficionado, but that does not mean that you would stay loyal to the brand. This was a good chance to meet "your" winery/ies. And think about the small producers and the myriad of wines that you could discover at Orheiul Vechi!
2. You get to be in the right medium Wine consumption is all about culture. You cannot be passionate about wines and not be interested in how they are made or where do they come from. If you went to Orheiul Vechi, you would have met some of the best producers, speak to them and share opinions. The tasting could have not been more informative than this. And it was 5 feet from a vineyard.
3. You get the authentic experience If you spent the National Wine Day at the Orheiul Vechi, you could have bought hand made traditional blouses, ie, taste or even make some traditional dishes and ride a horse carriage just like it was in the Middle Ages. Also, as a tourist, you would get to visit one of the staple sites, the Monastery of the Orheiul Vechi and see the beautiful scenery from up there. If all of this excitement (wine) would get you tired, you could spend the night at a local traditional mansion and sleep just like our folks used to 300 years ago. Exciting, huh?
4. You don't have to worry about transport The National Wine Office offered free transport there and back to all of the locations where you could spend the National Wine day. Of course, this means you would be on a schedule, but that is terrific because none of your wine loving friends would get to be the driver.
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In short: 
If you want to visit the Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) next year for the National Wine Day, you: - would pay a symbolic fee of less that 2 euros and get to taste dozens of magnificent types of wine; - get to speak to the wine makers on the process and the qualities of their wines; - could buy wine with good discounts; - should try the national cuisine, especially mamaliga, placinte, sarmale and so many other goodies; - could buy souvenirs like: Ia, fluier, buzdugan etc. - most probably, get a free ride from the National Wine Office. Enjoy and tell me about your plans, mates!
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