Do you remember "Her"?

Do you remember "Her"?

The movie where a sociophobe falls in love with his phone. Or to be fair to her, he falls in love with an AI. But this post isn't about dystopian futures or the rising of the machines. It's about the way technologies affect our exclusive relations. At some point in the past, we would be able to communicate with tens of people from a village. Then with the development of the great cities and transportation, we went to hundreds, then thousands.

It all led to the world without borders where a "suitable mate" is a swipe away. The hookup culture says it's fine. And it might be OK, as we rely on each other less regarding income or raising children. At the same time, we're still wired to believe in love as a romantic, affectionate relationship and the happy-ever-after.

But it rarely is the case. Divorce rates are as high as ever. One of the explanations could be that we have too many choices. That is proven to make us miserable by the way. So we wander around in an infinite universe of casual talks and witty comebacks too afraid to commit. As the "perfect mate" might be around the corner. And when we do commit it's likely to come with regret and higher expectations than people could meet. It's because of that person online who seems flawless. Or any of the #relationshipgoals photos people keep posting.

The fallout in "Her" was when he found out that the AI was not exclusive. She loved thousands of individuals in parallel; she had the RAM for that. And we don't. Maybe that's our hidden power giving our all to one person "for better or for worse"? Maybe that is one feature that helps us nurture better following generations and make them believe in themselves?

We'll never know until we try it ourselves!

PS the soundtrack of this post. Credits go to me procrastinating!


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