7 tips to travel to Milan on a budget

Milan is considered to be an expensive destination for burgeois shopping and high-end partying. But it does not have to be one. We define our priorities, and I chose to visit it for different reasons than to spend time in shops that have things that cost an arm and a leg. That's why I thought about writing some tips on how to travel to Milan on a budget.

And here are just some of them

1. Get a good deal on travel options

We're accustomed to thinking that when we visit as tourists, we should fly. This might be true for Milano as well, as Wizz Air and Easy Jet have some cheap flights to Malpensa. But also look into buses and train rides as they can be even more inexpensive during promotions. I usually use the Rome to Rio app.

2. Ditch your roaming bill

Unless you continue working, you digital nomad, you can get by without the internet connection on the road. I usually use the Google Trips app that allows you to save your reservations, creates maps of things worth visiting and the local cuisine. If you are more old school, you can just download the offline map of the city you are visiting by tapping "OK maps" in the Google Maps app.

3. Don't stay in a hotel

Staying in a hotel is one the biggest expense one can have while traveling. But that is the place you just go to sleep. Why overspend on that? Get a good deal on a hostel or become part of the Airbnb community and save big on your accommodation.

4. Get yourself a Milano Card

If you are into museums, that can burn a hole in your pocket. One solution is buying online the city card that allows you to enter freely many museums or get attractive discounts in others. If the Renaissance art is not for you get the 24 hours travel ticket. It will save you a lot of money... Especially on meals.

5. Read my lips: Aperitivo 

The biggest mistake about eating out in Milan is to eat in the city center. You are adding to your bill over 50%. The best way to eat breakfast is to find a simple local coffee shop in the morning and get a coffee and a pasticcino on the go for a couple of euros. I would skip the lunch or get it three metro stations away from the center. The best deals you get on drinks and food are between 17.00 and 18.00 when most places have happy hours and Aperitivo. You can get a cocktail and a snack that can be as big as a meal for under 10 euros.

6. Book online and book early

One of the mistakes I did in Milan is not looking to book online the most touristy things. I missed the queue for the Last Supper because they only allow 60 people per hour. And it was scheduled for the next three days. Do look it up and book it online.

7. Eat and party in the little Venice

The Navigli district is the best place to hang out near the channels and feel the vibe of the city. You can choose to buy some street food and beers and chill right on the canal. But you can also get a buffet on one of the many restaurants around for 10-15 euros with a cocktail included.


If you still need some trinckets from Milan, but are really low on money, get yourself a knock-off or a fridge magnet in the same Navigli district for a couple of euros.

Keep traveling and do it smart!

If you have other sugestions, please leave them in comments bellow!


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