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The National Wine Day has been banned to Orheiul Vechi and it's actually great!

This article is in English because I want to reach all the people who plan to visit Moldova and enjoy our exquisite wines. It's pretty long, as I am really excited, but if you don't have the time for it, just scroll down for the summary . Moldova is a cheap wine and good food heaven, no really, believe me on it! The National Wine Day has always been a kind of Bacchanalia (in the good sense of this word, if it has any) that would take place in the center of Chisinau and would reunite all of the wine producers and provide some kind of a tasting marathon to the local and foreign wine lovers.  This had its' upside, as you could comfortably taste virtually all of the wines of Moldova, without too much of a hustle and to go home by public transport or taxi (as we all are responsible drinkers), but, also, a lot of downsides. It would make the center of the capital full of drunkards and mostly impracticable to access, unless you would have come really early. The winer ies